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COVID-19 Updates

When Am I Required To Wear A Face Mask Or Cloth Face Covering?

Any of us can carry the virus and not realize we’re spreading it when we talk, cough or sneeze. Face coverings are required statewide in all public spaces because they are effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19, especially when combined with 6 feet of physical distance (source:


Yakima County virus activity has declined since mask mandate enacted

Shown during Governor Inslee’s July 14 press conference, statistics from Yakima County indicate that the rate of newly-diagnosed cases and test positivity rate have both reduced since a local mask mandate was instituted on June 26.

How to breathe while wearing a face mask

Here at Alliance, we have noticed a lot of confusion and misinformation spreading currently regarding mask wearing and carbon dioxide levels in the blood. We are doing everything we can to ensure a safe and sanitized environment for both our patients and our staff. This includes, but is not limited to, complying to and enforcing the statewide mask requirement in our clinic (disposable masks available, if necessary). In these trying times, we wanted to share some resources to help explain how to breathe safely while wearing cloth masks. To begin, carbon dioxide is much more than just a “waste gas”. It is a key and necessary component in our respiratory health as it dilates smooth muscle, plays a key role in tissue oxygenation, reduces oxidative stress, thus decreasing inflammation, and much more. Here’s a video from the Buteyko Clinic International debunking some of the myths around the “dangers” of wearing face masks and going over different breathing techniques that can help alleviate discomfort around mask wearing.

Wearing a mask can help bring mindfulness to nose breathing and keeping your breath light. In addition, building carbon dioxide tolerance, like an underwater swimmer builds tolerance over time, can actually build resilience. Read more on the Buteyko Breathing method (focusing on nose breathing) here.

That being said, we understand that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable and at times cumbersome. Here’s a list of some tips for people with asthma and other lung conditions when breathing with a mask.

Our physical therapist, Paige McNerthney recommends reading the groundbreaking book Breath, which includes cutting edge research that expands our understanding of the effect of varying breathing techniques on health.

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Clinic Updates

The following services remain open for in patient visits with precautions for the foreseeable future. Visit our website for more information about our services and to schedule an appointment. Read Alliance’s Full COVID-19 Safety Plan here.


Self Care Tip

Dr. Viv has been seeing a lot of patients that are struggling with mobility, largely due to static postures and repetitive motion. She suggests Tom Merrick’s mobility routines on YouTube to help you utilize simple, active stretches, which utilize loaded, end range, and PNF contractions to improve flexibility. Get started with his 20-30 minute series here. Staying active helps with mood, joints, and much more!

Local Business Spotlight

The City of Seattle has provided an interactive map that allows you to enter your location and find delivery and takeout options near you! Check it out here.

Supporting Black Lives Matter & Black-Owned Restaurants

Additionally, you can support your friends, colleagues, and neighbors of the black community and show your support of the Black Lives Matter movement by giving your business to black-owned restaurants in Seattle. Click here to check out a full list by neighborhood.

Extra resources:

  • Seattle COVID-19 Resourceshub of community, city, county, state, and federal resources from food access to rent and utility assistance and support for independent artists. Some of these programs and services are available to everyone regardless of where you live. 

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