Mandatory Masks, Maintenance Care, & Seattle Black Film Festival

COVID-19 Updates

Businesses may not serve any customer not in compliance with face covering requirements

As of July 7, businesses are required to demand that all customers and employees comply with the statewide face covering requirement. The statewide order requires that masks be worn inside any building or business open to the public, outdoor public areas when six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained, and other settings. No goods or services are to be furnished to customers not in compliance with statewide face covering requirements. Refer to the original order for a full list of requirements and exceptions for face coverings. Individuals with certain health or medical conditions are excepted and are not required to produce documentation of the condition to be considered exempt.

All Safe Start advancement paused

Citing increased transmission statewide, all further Safe Start phase advancements have been temporarily paused. Secretary of Health John Wiesman adds, “We must redouble our efforts to keep our physical distance, wear face coverings, and limit the number of people that we see each week.”
Feeling Faint While Wearing Your Face Mask? Here’s How To Cope

Clinic Updates

Chiropractic Maintenance

Our patients have taken care to limit their interactions outside of the house. We are grateful for all that you do to reduce the spread and keep us all safe! That being said, we recognize that these trying times have negatively impacted many of our bodies due to increased stress and lack of dynamic movement. Dr. Ledesma has noticed that her patients who have deferred care for longer have develop more complicated issues that require frequent maintenance and care.

Those who have resumed chiropractic care with us have noticed marked improvement in how they feel in their bodies, including greater mobility, less tension, and less pain. Chiropractic care has also been linked to boosts in immune functioning.

We care deeply about the health and safety of our patients and staff and are continuing to follow best practices in each of our industries and frequent sanitization. If you feel comfortable returning to the clinic, we strongly recommend that you resume care in order to avoid developing complicated issues.

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Get your skin back on track with Jeannine!

Has your skin been feeling lackluster and saggy? Our Master Esthetician Jeanine Black is back in the clinic to help get your skin back on track! Get back in the swing of self-care by booking a European Facial or Jeannine’s popular Microcurrent series! To keep herself and her patients safe, Jeannine wears a lab coat and wears a face shield during treatment, washes sheets between patients, and runs a HEPA filter to cleanse the air.
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Read Alliance’s Full COVID-19 Safety Plan here.

Local Event Spotlight

Black Cinematic Brilliance is going fully online – for the first time. This summer, for the 17th edition of the Seattle Black Film Festival (formerly Langston Hughes African American Film Festival) you can tune in from your couch! July 10-12, 2020, join LANGSTON, the non profit committed to Cultivating Black Brilliance, and Seattle-based online independent film screening and music platform Couch-a-thon, as they team up to bring a fully online 2020 festival experience.
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Peaceful protestor, Summer Taylor was killed by a driver while participating in a Black Lives Matter protest on I-5 on July 4. “Even in death, we want Summer’s passion as an ally to continue lifting up Black lives in Seattle and all over our country,” their mother said during Wednesday’s press conference. The driver, Dawit Kelete, also hit a second protester, 32-year-old Diaz Love of Portland, Ore. Love is currently at Harborview Medical Center in satisfactory condition. #RestInPowerSummerTaylor.

Extra resources:

  • Seattle COVID-19 Resourceshub of community, city, county, state, and federal resources from food access to rent and utility assistance and support for independent artists. Some of these programs and services are available to everyone regardless of where you live. 

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