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**Important Update on Disaster Preparedness**

The Washington Department of Ecology issued a statewide air quality alert, which continues through the weekend.

Alliance plans on being open until further notice for
skincare services tomorrow (9/12) and Monday (9/13) for chiropractic.
Next week’s schedule will remain unchanged.

According to Ecology officials, air quality will continue to worsen through Saturday as smoke from Wildfires in Oregon and California thickens. Air quality is expected to slowly start getting better, from Western Washington to Eastern Washington, on Sunday.

This is not just for those at-risk for air quality issues, but healthy individuals may be at risk for respiratory issues if subjected to extended exposure. Your best bet is to keep windows and doors closed and keep your air inside your home as clean as possible.

Get prepared with a Go Bag and learn how to start crafting emergency kits.  Let your family and friends know.

The Washington Emergency Management Division recommends that you take the following actions:

▶️ Get supplies and create a box fan that filters the air around you. This video shows you how to make a box fan filter. Or, invest in a professional filtering device.

How to make a clean air fan filter (source: Washington Department of Ecology)
▶️ Go shopping for any essentials today.
▶️ If you don’t have to go out tomorrow, stay home.
▶️ See air quality forecasts here & county by county breakdown here
▶️ More information to protect yourself from smoke here
▶️ Learn how to prepare for other disasters during the WA Emergency Management Division’s Disaster Preparedness Webinar on Sept. 17
   ReminderePay invoices go out today  (check your emails/texts for a link to pay online)
Please contact us ASAP if you are experiencing financial hardship and we will create a payment/deferment plan that fits your needs.

Back to School Resources

[source: Black Joy Newsletter, 9.10.2020 – subscribe to their weekly newsletter here]

ALL students can receive a laptop or iPad to use during the 2020/2021 school year. Contact your principal for more info and help accessing free internet and wifi hotspots. Find your school’s contact information here.
Get help with your computer, wifi/hotspot, internet access and remote learning (Schoology). For tech support contact your teacher or visit: or call: 206-252-0100.

Hazardous Air Quality Resources:


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