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Newsletter 11.13.20:

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Self Care Tip

How to Function in Times of Uncertainty

“As far as anxiety and panic, the most comforting things to do are things with your hands…It can have a hypnotic effect…You calm down and focus on what you’re doing. Colouring and even copying things longhand can help.

If you’re in really bad shape, open a book and start copying and see what happens.”

Read more at this BBC article here

Local Event Spotlight

Shelter Fest Seattle 2020

Missing Festival Season & Live Events? THIS WEEKEND Bad Habit Media is collaborating with local Black artists and restaurant owners to create virtual concerts hosted by Nikkita Oliver and jace ECAJ!

Shelter Fest Seattle exists to amplify Black voices in our community and beyond while highlighting individuals and organizations who have been doing this work long before the current moment.

Visit shelterfestseattle.com for more info!

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