Author: Hannah King

Services Available Now with Precautions

  left to right: Jeannine (Skincare); Kari (Ideal Protein); Vivian Ledesma, DC (Chiro); Mi-Jung Lee, ND/ LAc (naturopathy/acupuncture) Currently, Ideal Protein, Chiropractic care, Naturopathy/Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Skincare are available for in person treatments. Chiropractic, Ideal Protein, Naturopathy, and Physical Therapy are all available for televisits. Call/text 206-632-550 or email [email protected] for more info and to schedulein addition to the links above (Reminder: […]

(Re)Opened Services, Self-care Tips & Local Tailors (& uplifting images)

Clinic Updates: Safety Plan, Services (Re)opening Below is a fact sheet of Alliance’s comprehensive Safety Plan. Please use this guide to answer your questions regarding our procedures and plans as Washington begins to open up. This guide along with other safety recommendations will be posted in each treatment room. King County is currently in Modified Phase […]

A message of inclusion & solidarity

  Source (instagram): @sacree_frangine In response to recent events, Alliance Healing Arts would like to offer a message of inclusion, solidarity, and healing for our communities. Today, we mourn the losses of our Black community members: George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Manny Ellis and so many more Black lives whose names go unspoken, who have been killed through police brutality and racist […]

Good Stiffness vs. Bad Stiffness

Stiffness is good when it helps to improve alignment, strength, mobility, and dynamic motor control. It is typically a deliberate engagement of muscles prior to movement. As an example, engaging your anterior core promotes posterior pelvic tilt thus improving (rather than limiting) range of motion in the hips. Pain and limited range of motion often signal […]

Alliance Healing Arts welcomes MoveMend to Eastlake  

  MoveMend focuses on full-body mobility and strength through customized physical therapy, occupational therapy, certified hand therapy, and personal training for people recovering from injury as well as those looking to reach peak performance. After four years (and more than 145 5-star reviews!) operating in Madison Valley, MoveMend is relocating to Eastlake, just a few blocks down from […]

Chiropractic and Ribs

It seems that the malady for May in our chiropractic department was rib, rib cage and mid back troubles. Often people do not associate rib cage problems as something for which they should seek chiropractic care. However, we have had many successful resolutions with our conservative and specific approach to what can malfunction in this area […]

A Healthy Neck Should Have a Slight Curve

A Healthy Neck Should Have a Slight Curve

Repetitive poor postures while we are working long hours doing desk work and looking down at our phones so often can compromise the structure of our neck curve. Consequences of a straightened neck curve that should be a nice gentle arch include: Increased arthritic change of the joint Increased stress and damage to the discs […]